We are currently celebrating 10 years since Tina Parkes and Julie Collins founded the Academy in 2008. Much has changed in the past decade: we have a fantastic, growing team of tutors; we have inspired hundreds of florists, and scooped awards and medals along the way. We have also seen our profile increase internationally as we have been invited to demonstrate at AIFD in the USA, alongside Gregor Lersch at IPM Essen in Germany and recently at .know in Saudia Arabia.

So, to mark our 10th anniversary year and reflect our international ambitions, we are changing our name to the British Academy of Floral Art. We’re the same wonderful flower school, just with the word British at the front!

You will soon start to spot the new name on our social media channels and our new website and so on. Here – for ease and in case you were wondering – are our current online details:

W: www.academyoffloralart.com

Twitter: @academyoffloral

Facebook: British Academy of Floral Art

Instagram: @britishacademyoffloralart

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