Online Level 2 – Learn to be a professional florist in 18 months or less



Online Professional Floristry Training

Qualification: Level 2 Floristry

Endorsed Specification: British Academy of Floral Art, Certificate of Achievement

Start Date: Whenever it suits you!

Suitable for: Beginners wanting to set up their own business or work in a florists

How long does it take – It is flexible and can be built around the time you have available -minimum 4 week up to 18 months.

Delivered by: Films and email with designated Academy Tutor

Our Academy has supported students and developed courses with our highly qualified teaching team for over 13 years. With this course, we bring together our wealth of experience which we share with you, to explore your inner creativity or to create an excellent Floristry business.

We have designed this course so you can choose how fast or slow you want to study and all communication are through email, so you can study this qualification from anywhere in the world. Each module can be completed in a week, so the quickest you could study is in four week, but if you want to take your time you have up to eighteen months.

What is Included:

Work in your own time and at your own speed, to achieve the full professional Floristry qualification in 18 months or less.

  • Four floristry units: Hand-tied, Arrangement, Wedding and Funeral and underpinning knowledge
  • Over 100 Films – see list below
  • 18 months tutor email support (up to 40 hours)
  • 3 years access to all films
  • Links to course hand-outs- including how to cost designs
  • 40 designs that are tutor assessed, marked with feedback (submitted by a photo)
  • When all 40 designs have been assessed and passed you will receive a Level 2 Floristry, Certificate of Achievement
  • Guidance on how to submit photos of your designs
  • Flower and sundry buying lists
  • Step- by- step guide on how to complete the course.
  • Progress check once a month, with regular support and access to a designated named tutor, who is part of the Academy’s teaching team.

The course is delivered by films which have been professional recorded so you will feel you are at the front of the class, but will be in the comfort of your own home.

Your demonstrators will be by Master Florists and Teachers:

Each film features one of our two esteemed Academy directors, either Julie Collins or Tina Parkes, who will demonstrate step-by-step; explaining the processes and theory as they reveal to you each beautiful design. We want you to develop and enhance your skills and techniques as you access and practice the designs, gaining speed, knowledge and commercial understanding.

Julie Collins – BTec ND, ICSF, Cert Ed, City&Guilds MDPF (Level 5 – British Master), Institute of Professional Florists (IoPF) Academic Fellow, University of Cambridge Business Sustainability Management and British Floristry Association (BFA) Sustainable Office.

Tina Parkes- NDSF, FBFA, CERT ED, Dutch Master, AIFD (US Master), LCGI, City & Guilds MDPF (Level 5 – British Master), Institute of Professional Florists (IoPF) Academic Fellow and RHS Chelsea Gold medallist

See Julie start making a large hand-tied bouquet

Four Full Floristry Units and Underpinning Knowledge

What is covered?

Hand-tied and Gift Wrapping, Arrangements, Bridal Flowers, Funeral Floristry and Underpinning knowledge. The courses reflect what we deliver in class and are fully comprehensive and easy to follow. We share a wealth of knowledge which is yours to keep for 3 years, so you have continuous access and refresher knowledge as and when you need it.

The versatility of the course is so great, we have created a series of over 100 films for you to watch ranging from gift presentation, environmentally focused designs and mediums, funerals to wedding bouquets; this is the complete package.

See below for a full list of the designs covered in the course

Hand-tied and Gift Wrapping unit

  1. Introduction – 1.52 mins
  2. Conditioning – 10.46 mins
  3. Plant Biology – 4.34 mins
  4. Making Bows- 6.36 mins
  5. Preparing Stems- 3.37 mins
  6. Spiralling- 5.56 mins
  7. Making a Hand-tied Bouquet- 13.46 mins
  8. Bouquet Tying- 4.07 mins
  9. Gift Wrapping-9.57 mins
  10. Vase designs- 11.56 mins
  11. Grid method- 8.37 mins
  12. Chicken wire designs- 8.41 mins
  13. Tied Sheaf- 23.35 mins
  14. Plant Wrap -3.09 mins
  15. Single Rose wrapped- 2.47 mins
  16. Cone Wrap-7.25 mins
  17. Cone Wrap alternative -15.27 mins
  18. Wreath ring- 24.43 mins
  19. Flat Packed Bouquet- 14.06 mins
  20. Large Bouquet – 14.36 mins
  21. Heart Bouquet- 29.09 mins
  22. Hand-tied with a frame – 31.24 mins
  23. Calla Lily Bouquet -13.55 mins
  24. Hand-tied Shower Bouquet -10.31 mins
  25. Decorating an Eco Vase-5.36 mins
  26. Front Facing Hand-tied- 20.21 mins
  27. Bridal Tied Bouquet- 12.31 mins
  28. Bridal Tied Bouquet – Method 2 11.28 mins
  29. Julie’s tying Method- 3.24 mins
  30. Grouped Tied Posy- 7.03 mins
  31. Loose Outline- 22.32 mins
  32. Vertical Hand-tied- 9.22 mins
  33. Gift Wrap Plant- 9.52 mins
  34. Wrapping Tied Posy- 12.29 mins


Floral Arrangements

  1. Introduction- 2.00 mins
  2. Different floral mediums and soaking – 6.40 mins
  3. Conditioning – 7.54
  4. Pedestals – 47.52 mins
  5. Pedestal Extended- 3.59
  6. Top Table – 20.56 mins
  7. Asymmetric design – 27.54 mins
  8. Hogarth Curve – 26.21 mins
  9. Limited Using Pin Holder- 14.10 mins
  10. Symmetric – 18.58 mins
  11. Posy Loose and Wild -14.05 mins
  12. Basket- 31.08 mins
  13. Parallel- 13.34 mins
  14. Limited- 8.01 mins
  15. Vegetative- 19.37 mins
  16. Crescent- 23.04 mins
  17. Posy Rounded- 20.31 mins
  18. Grouped Posy – 6.28 mins
  19. Textured Posy – 34.37 mins
  20. Candle Arrangement – 19.58 mins
  21. Posy Extra – 7.06 mins
  22. Topiary tree – 15.33 mins
  23. Planted – 21.51 mins
  24. Twig Design – 5.47 mins
  25. Swags and garlands – 14.16 mins

Bridal Designs

  1. Introduction – 6.29 mins
  2. Definitions and Placement- 9.50 mins
  3. Wiring Techniques – 35.43 mins
  4. Wedding Planning – 12.52 mins
  5. Buttonholes – Carnation and Rose – 15.51 mins
  6. Wires, Tapes, Double Rose Corsage – 26.57 mins
  7. Corsage Placement – 6.24 mins
  8. Freesia Corsage – 14.50 mins
  9. Boutonniere – 12.59 mins
  10. Posy – 25.07 mins
  11. Bridal Tied Posy – 18.19 mins
  12. Wired Posy and ribbon handle – 37.50 mins
  13. Limited Wired – 24.45 mins
  14. Semi Crescent Bouquet – 34.34 mins
  15. Alice Band – 24.14 mins
  16. Floral Jewellery- 10.08 mins
  17. Shower Bouquet – 23.23 mins
  18. Shower Bouquet Wired – 24.18 mins
  19. Floral Crown – 6.13 mins
  20. Wired Floral Comb – 20.06 mins
  21. Packaging – 7.48 mins
  22. European Bouquet – 15.15 mins
  23. Wired Posy in Frame- 18.06 mins
  24. Handbag Corsage – 3.08 mins

Funeral Designs

  1. Introduction
  2. Double ended spray
  3. Single ended spray
  4. Basket
  5. Open Posy Pad
  6. Based and ribbon edged Letter
  7. Heart based foliage edged and spray
  8. Based Cushion ribbon edged
  9. Based cross ribbon edged in foam
  10. Open Foliage mossed wreath
  11. Open wreath
  12. Heart Miller Fleur
  13. Planted wreath tribute
  14. Straw wreath

Underpinning Knowledge

  1. Introduction
  2. Safe Practise
  3. Placement
  4. Marketing
  5. Photography
  6. Elements and Principles of Design
  7. Conditioning
  8. Branding


See a sample of the designs you make in the Hand-tied Unit



Choose Your Dates


Once you have booked we will email you with log in details and your course tutor will be in contact. We operate Monday- Friday 9am to 5pm so if you book over the weekend or evening then we will be in contact the next working day.

Who are the Academy?

The British Academy of Floral Art is a top UK floristry school and is the place to train if you want to become a successful florist/ floral designer or just have the experience of a creative floral journey. You have the opportunity to follow the success of our past students who have achieved  RHS Gold medals, set up their own successful businesses, either freelance or shops, or go on to become floristry teachers, judges or demonstrators.

  • We teach over 120 students per year
  • We explore modern and current trends as well as traditional methods.
  • World class qualified teaching team with experience of over 18 years.

Who recognizes you as a school?

We are a British Floristry Association (BFA) Institute of Professional Florists (IoPF) College member. We have a tutor on the BFA education board. Plus we are a City & Guilds accredited center.

What will I be able to do once I have completed this course?

When complete:

Flower Arranging- we offer a range of tasters floristry and flower arranging workshops and courses which are designed for you to learn floral skills to decorate the home.

When qualified

Floristry Level 2 – you will be fledgling Florist, giving opportunity to create everyday designs either as a freelance florist or  give you the opportunity to work in a shop. Plus you can move on to our level 3.

Floristry Level 3 -you will be an advance florist capable to making a wide range of floristry orders, have a greater understanding of your individual style and the floral industry and from here you may want to establish your own business. Access to C&G level 4.

Floristry Level 4-  City & Guilds you will have the title of Higher Diploma in Floristry (ICSF) which will enhance your design ability and support you in business, manager level in a shop, teacher, demonstrator, judge.

Floristry Level 5- City & Guilds Master Diploma in Professional Floristry (MDPF) highest level achieved, giving national recognition as a top floral designer, teacher, business owner or high level manager.

What will this courses include?

Practical lessons that are supportive and friendly that give you  tuition and clear demonstrations of design construction and techniques, covering a full range of current commercial and floral designs.

What happens if I can’t make a lesson?

To successfully complete the course it is important to attend all lessons. If through unexpected circumstances you have to miss a lesson please let your tutor know as soon as possible.

No refund can be given for missed classes; however as a gesture of good will we will endeavour to offer you an alternative date to catch up the missed lesson when the unit is repeated; this is subject to application and availability. It is the students responsibility to organise this date with the Academy.

If the Academy has to cancel a lesson for any reason, we will ensure that you are given an alternative date to catch up the missed class. 

What will I learn besides the floral designs?

Flower Arranging- poisonous and irritant plant, care of flowers, using sundries and mechanics

At level 2 – Flower and foliage names, poisonous and irritant plants, costing, customer care, buying, ordering, care of flowers and elements and principle of design.

At level 3- Branding, costing for your business, environmental concepts, applying design skills and inspiration from abroad. Corporate clients and customer care.

At level 4- Business and marketing studies, historical influences, botanical science and event planning.

At level 5 – Running a business including laws and legislation, accountancy, people management, plant science and international studies.

How do the professional floristry your courses work?

We have split the professional floristry courses content into subject units, these can be taken individually or built up to into a full qualification.

To achieve our full qualification you need to complete:-

Level 2 – 3 practical units, the heart of design unit and pass the practical exam unit.

Level 3 – 3 practical units, the heart of design unit (if not taken at level 2) and pass the practical exam unit.

Level 4/5 – 5 practical units and exam unit- 3 years from registration to complete course.

Are your floristry courses flexible?

There is no time restriction on completing the full level 2 and 3 and you pay for and complete one unit at a time. The flexibility of the course helps to support your personal floristry journey  and build around your life style and business.

Level 4 and 5 City & Guilds needs to be completed within 3 years of registration.

Is there a lot of written paper work or assessment?

Professional Floristry Qualifications

Our level 2 and 3 practical units have been designed so that there is no written paper work or classroom assessment.  To develop your skills and confidence as a florist the units are hands on and practical. To enhance your knowledge we cover theory  and costing in the class through discussion and hand-outs. There is an final practical exam if you would like to achieve the full qualification.

Level 4 and 5, City & Guilds there is an equal balance of written and practical work, to achieve each unit you have to pass the set assignment or assessments written by City and Guilds. To achieve the full qualification there is a theory and practical timed exam.

Flower Arranging Classes

Theses recreational classes have no course work or paper work, just pure practical and demonstrations.

What are the classrooms like?

The classrooms provide a creative space for you to relax and enjoy your course. The class sizes are small so you have plenty of one to one with the teacher. Tea/ coffee is provided free of charge. Plenty of free parking at our venues.

(Our recreational flower arranging classes may at some venues have a maximum of 20 per class).

What qualification do I get?

Flower Arranging – These courses are purely recreational and have no formal qualification.

Level 2 and 3 – On the completion of each unit you receive a certificate of attendance. To achieve our full level 2 or 3  you need to complete 3 practical units, the heart of design unit and pass the practical exam unit, then you will receive a British Academy of Floral Art level 2 or level 3 certificate and a studied at the Academy pin for your website.

Level 4 and 5- On completion of a single unit you may request a certificate of attendance. On completion of full units and passing of exam you will receive a City and Guilds Certificate and an Academy of Floral Art Master Training Program  level 4 or level 5 certificate and a studied at the Academy pin for your website.

Is this qualification recognized?

Yes, this qualification is recognized by our professional body the British Floristry Association (BFA)  and once qualified you can become a member on their Institute of Professional Florists register. The level 2 and 3 is based on national floristry standards so that you can gain employment as a Florist. You can enter UK Worlds Skills and with our certificate, you can carry on studying our Master training program City & Guilds Floristry level 4 & 5 ( which is recognized worldwide).

How long will it take me to qualify?

The fastest you can achieve:-

Level 2

  • Fast track– 6 weeks.
  • Weekly – 1 year.
  • Weekends 18 months.
  • Weeks – 2 to 3 months

To give you flexibility you can do more than one unit at a time, which would reduce the amount of time to complete the course.

Level 3- 1 year

Level 4 and 5 – 24 months

When do your courses starts?

You have a choice of start dates throughout the year, spring, summer and autumn.

What happens when I leave?

As a student you become a member of our Academy family with access to continued support via our private Academy student facebook group, where you can ask any question and have support from tutors and past students.  Plus we will send you a newsletter keeping you up to date on Academy events, trips, workshops and courses that may benefit you.

If this is the first time you have been with us or you are returning to complete another unit, we would like to welcome you to the Academy of Floral Art and hope that you find this an inspirational journey.

Microwave and fridge available.
Studio telephone number:-
01392 834893

Venue 1 – 3 Dunchideock Barton, Nr Exeter,EX2 9UA, Tel No: 01392 834893
See below directions and map – Google Map Link

The easiest way to get to us is from the Plymouth road and when you get to the top of Haldon Hill on the brow of the hill you will see the sign to Dunchideock, turn off and follow the signs. You will go along the ridge of Haldon Hill, pass the Haldon Belvedere Tower and then start going down a hill, when you get out of the tree’s you will see a sign to the left for Dunchideock Barton, and Church, turn left here and head towards the church, when you get to the church you will see a court yard to the right, we are unit 8.

Alternative route from Okehampton Road below.

From M5 you can turn off on the A30 Okehampton Road, then take the first junction signed to Exeter, Alphington/ Ide, at the bottom of the slip road you will get to a big round about, take the first turning to the left signed to Ide, continue to A.

Coming from Okehampton take junction signed to Exeter, Alphington/ Ide, at the bottom of the slip road you will get to a big round about, take the third turning signed to Ide, continue to A.

A=Follow this road until you see sign to Ide village then turn off left and keep on this road for about 7 minutes. Eventually you will start going up a hill and see a thatched house with pillars on the road, just after Lord Haldon Hotel entrance. You will see a big sign to Dunchideock Barton, turn right here and follow road to the Church, our studio is in the court yard to the right of the Church, number 8. There will be parking outside.


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