Online Floristry & Flower Arranging

Comprehensive online floristry and flower arranging training with expert tutors & florists

Get stuck in to this creative and informative course while in the comfort of your own home! We have two options for you.

Beginner level 1 Flower Arranging.

This gives you a good introduction to flower arranging and covers 4 designs and conditioning.

or go straight into

Beginner level 2.

These units can be taken as a stand alone or used towards a full level 2 Academy qualification, and can be mixed with on-line and class based units. You have the option for fully tutor support or to complete on your own.

With one-on-one tutor assistance, organised virtual lesson plans and from 25 to 33 video tutorials we’ll be bringing the Academy classroom experience to life.

A great starting point for a career in floristry, this unit is designed to equip you with the skills, techniques and confidence to make beautiful, tied designs over the full range of occasions from gifts, wedding, corporate and funeral.

For full details and costings please click below.

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