Both Emma and Kate joined our academy as complete beginners and since completing our 6-week Fast Track Unit they are now ready to face the wonderful world of flowers and pursue their new, creative and fun careers!


Beekeeper to Florist in 6 weeks!

Meet Kate! Our former beekeeper, now Level 2 qualified Florist. Upon returning to the UK after several years spent working across all corners of the world Kate decided it was time for a new career journey. While looking for a new, practical and nature-based job Kate found a love for floristry and now plans to start up her own environmentally friendly floristry business! Kate’s exciting vision for the future entails her very own floral company with a cutting garden and of course, lots of beehives!

It only took Kate 6 weeks to qualify and the next working day she secured a job in a Florist where she will be able to put everything she’s learnt into practice!  


Store manager immersing into the floral world

Emma came to us two months ago with the ambition of a complete career change and is now a fully qualified Level 2 Florist! Emma wanted to take a step away from her overly corporate and number-based job and reconnect with her arty side while having a nice home/life balance. Upon talking to a local florist Emma discovered our Academy and so her floral journey began! Emma now aspires to become a fulltime florist and plans to return to the Academy to complete more levels and build her expertise.  

We’ve had amazing feedback from both of these lovely ladies and we’re so delighted with their results. Keep an eye out for these two talented girls as they join our floral community and take on their new exciting careers!