We feel it is always important to update your floristry skills and be inspired by floral design, so when you have a moment, why not have a go at making this beautiful floral ring created and designed by Tina Parkes. It is a great simple design for all levels and can use the little flowers from your garden or leftover stems from the shop.

Coloured Wire Floral Ring

Flowers- Autumn selection

In this design we have used flowers from Tina’s summer garden. But as this design is great for short stemmed small headed flowers they can be replaced by an autumn selection such as Cyclemen, Violets, Nerines, September flower, herbs and  berries


Grasses, Muehlenbeckia, fine trails of Ivy, Vinca or Jasmine


2 or 3 reels of coloured wires

1 wide shallow glass dish

Marker pen or pencil


Take one of your coloured reel wires and your pen, unwind a length of wire from the reel (without cutting), then using the pen wrap your wire around it neatly to create a section of spiralled wire. Leave a space of straight wire before sliding this section off the pen and then start repeating the above until you have roughly a metre and a half in length of spiralled wire.

Create 3 or 4 of lengths of 1.5 meters of spiralled wires, and it works nicely using different colours.

Now you need to create some small circles that will support the flower heads. To do this, take a length of wire and wrap it once around the pen and twist before removing the pen to reveal a circle, do not cut the wire but repeat this down the length of the wire.

Then you can wind and gently twist your lengths of wires together into a circle shape that will fit just inside your dish.

If you want to bulk out the frame, then you can use a pencil or a larger sized pen to add more spirals that will give further interest by creating a range of spiral sizes.

Add water to the bowl.

Now you are ready to add your flowers and foliages. These need to be short, so the head of the flower rests on the wire, and the stem can reach the water.

You can add your foliages and flowers in either a scattered random pattern evenly around the ring which will give you a natural look or group your flowers to provide a more stylised feel. Place a small amount of trailing foliage over the top of your flowers and wires, which will bring the design together and can enhance the circular movement.

Have fun!

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