Welcome to Tina Parkes garden.

Tina is a British Master Florist and garden lover. She designed her garden three years ago from scratch and in this delightful 20 minute film she walks through her garden, identifying plants she loves to use in her day-to-day floristry. She also explains how she planned the garden, using lines and forms to give this town garden interest and depth. 

She has created a beautiful garden that works well on the eye, grows vegetables and flowers as well as foliage for cutting and is wildlife friendly, what could be better?

For more detail of our cutting Garden Course, see the link below.

Tina’s Garden Plan

List of the garden plants viewed

Arbutus undo Strawberry tree- evergreen Ericaceae. Origin Mediterranean and western Europe

Brodiaea Little star shaped late spring/summer flower, good for wiring and gluing. Origin West coasts of North and South America

Drimys Winter bark, woody evergreen, scented bark, small star shaped flowers Origin Southern tip of South Africa

Heuchera from all year-round colour from lime green to dark burgundy, long lasting in water. Origin North America,

Alchemilla mollis, Ladoes mantle,  plumbs of tiny lime green flowers great for handties and lifting soft colours

Astelia Red Devil, Asteliaceae, long lasting in water, good for gluing. Origin Pacific, Indian and Atlantic ocean

Calycanthus California All Spice, scented

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