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Amanda Randell tutor at the Academy of Floral Art

talks Floral Crown

It’s official, wearing flowers in your hair is trendy.  But like every Bride who dreams of wearing flowers in their hair, they are each of them unique and individual and have different ideas of what a floral crown means to them… boho, delicate and dainty, ornate, traditional or even wild…  the list goes on.

Floral Crown by Rose Stoop

Floral Crown by Rose Stoop at the Francoise Weeks workshop in May

So your client has asked you for a crown and you ask your twenty questions on their style, ambience and plans for the day, you’ve seen THE dress and know the colour schemes and encouraged them to create a secret Pinterest mood board to help you understand them.


A simple plaited decorative wire circlet with flowers and foliage glued on for speed.

Now you need to plan which techniques you are going to use, how to ensure the best method for the longevity of the flowers, and the most efficient construction (which you can get done weeks ahead of the event).

Ornate Gold Crown by Amanda Randell

Ornate gold crown with dried plant material and diamente.

Now it’s important to consider how the crown will be attached, some communication with the Bride’s chosen hairdresser at this stage about fastening the crown will keep everyone in the loop, and ensure that it sits securely on your clients head and that it’s comfortable to wear; a detail that should not be missed, you don’t want to leave marks on her forehead!


A milliner’s cap with flowers and foliage both wired and glued in place. Created by a tutor demonstrating in Romania.

The Scandinavians have been making floral crowns for girls to wear every year at the festival of mid Summer and the St Lucia festival at Christmas for centuries. The mid Summer solstice festival is as important to the Scandinavians as Christmas and is a two day culinary feast up in the meadows, where they make the crowns from buttercups, clover and other meadow flowers on their way to the celebration.

Scandinavian Mid Summer Crowns

Scandinavian Mid Summer Crown

St Lucia Christmas Crown

St Lucia Christmas Crown

Inspiration for these wonderful adornments come from many different places, whether it’s from a cultural celebration, the current trends, a designer or from the flowers themselves, planning one of these beauties is a real pleasure and can make an extraordinary difference to wedding photographs setting the ambiance at a glance and a memory for all the family for many years after the event.

Flowers for the hair are covered in the wedding units at the Academy of Floral Art at every stage, from Level 2 to Level 5.

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