Level 4 Floristry

Qualification: Level 4 Higher Diploma in Floristry, HDF (0344-04)

Awarded by: City and Guilds

Start Dates: January, April/May and September 

Duration: 18-24 Months, Part Time

Day/Time: 9.30am – 4.00pm, Mondays and Tuesday once a month

Venue: Practical Classes are held at our studio in Dunchideock, Exeter, Devon. Theory is online via zoom

Cost: Full qualification £4500 payable in two installments, or you can pay one module at a time (click “Read More” for more details)

Academy Masters Programme
Our Academy Level 4 is the perfect choice if you are looking to continue your floral journey and take it to new heights. Our practical lessons take place at our studio where we are aim is to develop your personal creative style and confidence. Our theory lessons are held over Zoom in order to save you travel time and expenses.  

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Who’s it for?

Take time out from your busy agenda to create space to reinvigorate your floral passion and develop your floristry skills. This course will stimulate your creativity or help you pursue your professional goals.

The Academy Masters part-time Level 4 Training Programme is the perfect choice if you are looking to develop your talent as a floral designer, re-invigorate your passion for floristry and add more income strings to your bow. It is an advanced floristry course – stimulating, challenging and inspiring – for students who have either completed and passed the Academy Level 3 qualification, the City & Guilds Level 3 qualification or have the equivalent industry experience.

The Academy Masters Level 4 has been specially designed by our team of internationally recognized floristry tutors to work as an exclusively hands-on, practical and applied modular course. We know from our years of teaching experience that many florists prefer to learn this way, so we have designed the Academy Masters Level 4 training programme to accommodate your personal lifestyle and learning objectives.

The course is broken down into 5 distinct practical, hands-on modules, which will each develop your expertise in a particular area, and a theory module, which involves research and written assignments. So, you can choose to simply study a specific module at a time or select the full City & Guilds Level 4 Higher Diploma in Floristry spread over 24 months. 

In creating this course, we wanted to offer a flexible framework to support you in the next stage of your floristry career and take your floristry knowledge to new heights – whether you are currently a freelance, shop or studio-based florist, a business owner, tutor, judge, wholesaler or a flower farmer. Our aim is to fit around your life, your business and career ambitions.

How’s it structured?
Option 1: Complete City and Guilds Level 4 Higher Diploma in Floristry, HDF (0344-04)

You will have up to three years in which to complete the 5 practical modules, the theory module and sit the exam. Payment is split into two payment of £2250, one payment is due when you book, the second is  3 months into the course. 


5 x practical modules

1 x Theory module

Registration fee for City & Guilds examination body. Your registration is valid for three years.

TOTAL £4500 (inc VAT)

Option 2:  One module at a time

Ease your way into the Academy Masters Level 4 programme and stretch and challenge yourself by picking individual modules for CPD purposes as time and funds allow. You do not have to commit to the full Academy Level 4 qualification at the outset. But you’re sure to end up wanting more!

£715 per practical module (£595.83,plus VAT) x 5 modules 

£1,540.00 Theory module (£1108.33, plus VAT) and Registration fee for City & Guilds examination body. Your registration is valid for three years. 

TOTAL  £5115 (inc VAT)

Flowers, foliage and sundries are not included in the fees. You can source your own, or we can source them for you at wholesale prices. You should allow around £80 per day for the cut material and sundries.

For the complete Academy Masters Training Program with the City & Guilds Level 4 Higher Diploma in Floristry, HDF (0344-04) course and exam (included: VAT, 5 Practical Units, Theory Unit and Exam).The total number of guided learning hours (GLH) for the full City & Guilds level  4 is 287 hrs. It is part-time and takes 18 to 24 months to complete.

We are proud to say that our Academy students have achieved a 100% pass rate in the City & Guilds Level 4 exam. They have also been awarded medals in the RHS Chelsea Florist of the Year competition, achieved top ranking in the New Covent Garden Market College Day competition and won WorldSkills UK heats as well as teaching or running successful businesses of their own.

What will I learn?


The modules are designed to bring out your creativity and develop your own style of floristry, whilst being relevant and up to date with floristry industry. When you pass your exam, you will become one of the few elite levels 4 and 5 master florists in the UK.

We have 3 enrolments a year in January, April/May or September.

Demonstration and Presentation Module- Starts Sept 2022

If you are thinking of adding demonstrations to your earning potential, this unit will help you with many transferable skills including presentation skills which could be used to present a pitch to a corporate client, or land a wedding client or be used in teaching a workshop etc.

In this unit, you will explore:

  • creating designs from inspiring topics and themes
  • where to find inspiration for your demonstrations
  • organisational skills – how to plan, cost, time, lay out and budget your talks
  • management of paperwork
  • presentation skills and how to present to varying size audiences including using a microphone
  • suitable designs that enable you to create a wow factor and show off your skills
  • how to organise your delivery vehicle including loading, setting up and clearing down.
  • marketing yourself and identifying opportunities for additional sales
  • giving talks and presenting information
  • areas that make up a polished presentation including personal presentation and packaging.
Floral couture Jan 2023

Wearable floral designs inspired by fashion, perfect for weddings, competition work, exhibitions, shop windows and shows.

In this unit, you will explore:

  • The secretes to light weight structures, techniques and clever mechanics suitable for wearable designs.
  • Explore the tricks of ensuring longevity and preservation of floral materials.
  • Be inspired by innovative floral designers such as Francoise Weeks, Wendy Andreade and Wally Klett to name but a few.
Large scale designs May 2023

The opportunity to think big and create big. Large scale construction is always a challenge but let us show you with the right tools and materials anything is possible. These designs are perfect for creating unique wedding work, profitable corporate work and event work, winning competitions, bold window displays and show stopping exhibition pieces.

In this unit:

  • We will let you into the secrets of planning, construction,
  • Explore clever tips and tools,
  • Release your flamboyant side with inspiration from exploring floral designer legends such as Daniel Ost, Damien Koh and many more.
Master Wedding Florist Unit Sept 2023

Become an elite wedding florist, this course will propel your floral designs and skill to an exclusive level within the floristry industry (proportionally very few florists reach the master 4 and 5 levels). We will have a clear focus on profitability for your business and innovation.

Each two-day session will have a different focus including:

  • Using historic inspirations,
  • Enhancing, and developing current trends and creating futuristic designs
  • Explore a huge range of techniques and mechanics,
  • Give you the top tips for planning and costing weddings and cleaver ways to create show stopping products.
Theory Module and Assessment – City & Guilds Starts-  Nov 2023

The Theory Module is all about the theoretical knowledge that will assist you in your floristry business or career. It will also prepare you for the City & Guilds qualification. It takes all the skills you have learnt from the practical modules and adds the theoretical knowledge to broaden and deepen your understanding.

This module includes a mock practical and theory exam. We will support you in compiling and presenting your final portfolio, assignments and help you prepare for the City & Guilds exam. The final exams are held twice a year in January or July. The theory exam is usual held at the British Academy of Floral Art and the Practical exam can be held at any City & Guilds registered centre and depends on numbers. Please note that this may be held at another college.

Assessment: This unit requires you to complete and pass 9 assignments including a portfolio of your own work and the mock exams. You will be also required to answer practice questions and complete speed tasks to improve you speed and recall.

This module requires full attendance of 65 hours, via Zoom. There will also be group tutorials available during the module of up to 7 hours. In addition, you will need to allocate around 80 hours of self-study time to complete assignments, portfolio and research.

Environmental Design Module Jan 2024

In the current climate, environmental considerations are a key focus for forward-thinking businesses, and in this module we explore areas that could bring benefits and expand sales areas within your business whilst taking better care of the environment.

In this unit, you will explore:

  • clever use of environmentally friendly products in modern commercial floristry, reviewing and improving designs using these
  • how these techniques have been developed by leading floral designers in all areas of floristry
  • and research new products that have been brought to the market
  • environmentally friendly mechanics and how to understand how best they can be used and kept
  • the role that planted designs can have in your business
  • legislation relating to environmental floral design
Colour inspiration Module Apr/May 2024

This is a crucial module for current times, since colour is a key trend and one of the biggest selling drivers in the industry.

In this module, you will explore:

  • creating floral designs lead by colour
  • the power of colour and how colour works
  • how colour can be used as the main source of inspiration for your floral designs including impulse, pre ordered and inspirational work.
  • colour schemes and colour relationships, meaning and symbolism
  • the power of colour on sales of designs
Visual Floristry Merchandising, windows, online and instore Module Sept 2024

This module is full of excellent tips and ideas to help you increase sales through creative product presentations and displays, display tricks and hints and thinking holistically about where you use displays including wedding fairs, online, social media etc.

In this unit, you will explore:

  • explore how and why visual merchandising can be used to create engaging and inspirational displays
  • which areas can enhance your sales
  • planning and implementation of displays
  • current legislation related to merchandising
  • using point of sale, hot spots, impulse buys and focal points
  • landscaping your products
  • understanding the communication or story that you create with merchandising
  • colour and its power in merchandising
Design inspiration Module Jan 2025

This module is perfect for developing your own style and design skills. We use mapping techniques to aid you in deciphering your design journey and understand your preferred design style (this may not be what you consider your style to be now!).

In this unit, you will explore:

  • and use design concepts to enhance your design work – from sources of inspiration to the full Gregor Lersch schema
  • investigate other international schema and explore their concepts of the design process
  • how to use the schema to influence your thought processes when creating new designs
  • explore mind maps to guide your creations
  • use the valuable elements and principles of design to develop the self-evaluation of your own work and explore these as starting points for your floral design
Trends and Inspiration Apr/May 2025

This explores the current trends and influences and how we can utilize them to enhance own work or business.

Competition Module- Starts Sept 2025

This unit is excellent for preparing you for the world of Floral competitions in all their glory and the inevitable ups and downs, whether you are looking to compete to showcase your work or see the brief as a personal development challenge.

In this module, you will explore:

  • reading and interpreting schedules
  • understanding different marking criteria and how to gain marks
  • planning your time, creating timetables, design development and design mapping, budgeting and keeping and completing paperwork
  • utilising the media coverage and value around competition entry
  • testing and trialling materials
  • how to develop strategies to cope with the personal process of competition work
  • how to create design entries for competitions
Who is my Academy Level 4 tutor?

You will be in very good hands with our friendly team of Academy tutors. We are all highly qualified florists and tutors with considerable real, commercial floristry experience – and we absolutely love what we do!

The tutor teaching the City & Guilds Level 4 course this year will be Tina Parkes. Tina is passionate about teaching floristry and co-founded the British Academy of Floral Art with Julie Collins in 2008. Tina is possibly the most qualified florist working in the UK today as the only English florist to hold Dutch, American and British Master Florist qualifications and to have won an RHS Chelsea Gold medal.

When can I start?

Thanks to the modular nature of the Academy Masters Level 4 programme, you don’t have to wait for the traditional academic year to get started. Instead, you can simply enrol at the start of a module.

The modules currently take place on Mondays and Tuesdays at our idyllic Devon location:

EXETER: Academy of Floral Art, Dunchideock, Nr Exeter, Devon EX2 9UA

Available Courses

If you need help in finding accommodation and transport or have any questions just give us a call on 01392 834893.

To book on a course:

1. Check the start date of the module or course delivery you prefer (weekends/ weekly/week)- see above start dates.
2. Click the module box above which will give you course dates and course content and booking page.
3. Click Book Now Button and this will provide you with a selection of start dates; make sure it is the venue and delivery you want.
4. Sign into the website when booking, and this will allow you to pay by card at a future date, £150 deposit will secure your place, and full payment is due 14 days before course starts (see terms and conditions).
5. You will receive confirmation of booking and an email from us over the next few days with lots of useful information.
6. Welcome to the Academy and your floral journey.