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What could you donation help buy?

£1 would pay for ‘ant food’ for trans located Narrow-headed Ant nests

£5 can buy 5 collecting pots for transporting Chequered Skipper butterflies from Belgium to Rockingham Forest.

£6 for a pack of three clear plastic clipboards for recording the web size of Ladybird Spiders

£7 per bottle Fluon (liquid Teflon)– slippery coating applied to tubs and tanks which stops ants being able to escape by climbing up and out at the sides when we’re trying to move them to their new homes!

£10 approx per onduline sheet for reptile refugia

£10 buys 10 larval food plants (e.g. cowslips) for limestone grassland in the Cotswolds

£18 for 50pk of labels to mark Ladybird Spider web locations

£18 Large storage tub 165 litres, for moving / keeping ant nests

£20 could provide 5 bottles of anti-viral disinfectant, to help visitors tackle rabbit disease & improve biosecurity in Breckland

£20 will pay for hand tools for translocating nests of the Narrow-headed Ant (spade or fork)

£20 will pay for 5 more Barberry plants to be planted as foodplants for the Barberry Carpet moth

£20 could produce a volunteer survey kit, to monitor Breckland wildlife

£25 will pay for 5 new Barberry plants as well as the tree guards to protect them.

£40 for two pairs of binoculars, to monitor Breckland rabbit & stone curlew populations

£40 buys a root saw to help restore habitat for Field Crickets

£40 can buy an Audiomoth static bat detector to help survey and monitor bat species within project woodlands

£45 buys 50 larval food plants (e.g. cowslips)

£50 can clear 10m of scrub & trees to widen rides and create more open habitat.

£50 will pay for survey equipment for one of our newly trained surveyors.

£50 would pay for 100m of track to be restored and “rutted up” on the Dorset heaths for Yellow Centaury, which likes wet bare ground that dries in the summer

£65 could buy a camera trap to help us catch video footage of Pine Martens

£80 can pay for 1000m2 of ride-side vegetation to be mulched to enable future mowing of these areas & maintain them as open spaces.

£88 buys 150 larval food plants (e.g. cowslips)

£90 would fund 50m of rabbit proof fencing on our heaths – an essential enabler of our keystone species work in Breckland

£90 approx per bat detector

£100 for one trail camera to monitor our wildlife on Breckland heaths

£145 purchases a ditch culvert (= 300mm x 6m pipes, rubber seals and right angle elbow) to restore ditches for the Little Whirlpool Ramshorn Snail

£150 could buy a den box which Pine Martens can rest and breed in

£150 would pay for a pair of dry, sandy scrapes for Sand Lizard which needs warm, open sand for laying eggs

£200 to extend the life of an ancient tree

For £200 a handsome rustic tree guard together with a newly planted tree can be established in our countryside and become a home to wildlife for centuries.

£200 for an acre of grassland restoration for Grey Long-eared Bats to feed over.

£200 would pay for a pair of wet peaty scrapes to create possible Marsh Clubmoss habitat  – open, slightly compressed peaty substrates on Dorset heathland

£200 per moth trap to monitor species such as the Concolorous and the Grey Carpet

£200 could pay for specialist training for volunteers, enabling them to protect vulnerable species like the Chequered Skipper long into the future.

£250 could pay for a day’s monitoring work to measure the success of our conservation work for threatened butterflies, reptiles or wildflowers.

£280 for GPS unit to record accurate Ladybird Spider web locations

£280 buys a tree popper to help restore habitat for the Field Cricket

£3,000 could pay for the regeneration of a hectare of land (10,000 square metres) to provide suitable habitat for threatened butterflies and moths.

£10,000 could pay for management on 10km of woodland rides, keeping them open and sunny so that butterflies and moths can thrive.

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