The Flower Smiths

The Flower Smiths has been set up to help students expand their businesses by providing ‘virtual flower shop’ that offers a caring and mindful floral service, delivered by its Florist members via a system of introduction from Amanda.


Amanda explains more..

“This is a new venture that came about for a number of reasons, firstly, as a tutor for the British Academy of Floral Art, I meet amazing florists through the Academy, whether they are beginning their floral journey or increasing their floral knowledge through further education – all looking for work. Secondly, I find that marketing other florists and our industry is something I really enjoy doing, and finally I get more work than I can physically fulfill.  These three points added together formed a seed of an idea for an Academy events team, which finally, after much development, blossomed into the exciting new venture, The Flower Smiths.”

The Flower Smiths appeals to three main groups:

Venues– Providing a consultation service, educating venues on the broad abilities of talented qualified florists, who are reliable and professional. Elevating the Flower Smith florist and thereby adding kudos to their supplier lists.  

Brides– To offer Brides a choice of skilled floral designers with understanding of different styles and ideas. Providing beautiful work, quality flowers and great design.

Florists– A membership to an introductory service of like minded florists who care about your career, matching the right florist to the right work.  Marketing and business resource. Where, friendship and mentors provide a support system and back up to the individual florist with access to a wealth of industry knowledge, helping them achieve their floral career dreams.

The grand plan…

2019 sees the launch of the Flower Smiths with a lovely new website and a marketing campaign to all the venues in Devon and Cornwall that will promote the creme de la creme of florists, creating an exclusive club of incredible talent, backed by friendship and guidance.

What next…

We are looking for florists who would like to join. Are you interested?  Would you like to be a Flower Smith florist?  Contact Amanda by emailing her at and list your floral achievements.  Different levels will take on relevant levels of responsibility either as an individual or in a team but always with support.  The support and mentoring team so far consist of three British Masters, three American Masters and two RHS Chelsea Gold Medalists.  

The successful florist believes in the magic of flowers.