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The Academy of Floral Art is California dreaming because we are delighted to have been selected as one of the presenting designers at the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) Symposium 2016 in Anaheim, Orange County, California.

AIFD is the floristry body of the United States of America, similar to our trade body The British Florist Association.  AIFD was established in 1965 and is a non-profit organisation dedicated to maintaining the standards of floral design in the USA. Their focus is on education and recognising floristry and floral design as an art form as well as an industry.

The Symposium is a prestigious event on the global floral calendar, attracting top Floral Designers from all over the world. The designers submit a proposal to the AIFD and undertake a selection process, before being invited to stage a show. The Academy of Floral Art are delighted to have been chosen and are now putting together a team for the Symposium show which will depict British Bridal floristry through the ages namely: Elizabethan 1558-1603, Victorian 1800’s, Elizabeth The Queen Mother 1920’s, Queen Elizabeth II 1950’s and Princess Diana 1980’s. The team will consist of Tutors, Master Florists, a Chelsea Gold Medal winner, together with students from the Academy of Floral Art seeking to study the AIFD qualification. This will be an amazing opportunity to promote British floristry, as well as a fantastic opportunity for students to be involved in a project of this size, (not something that we do in the UK), and experience, not only is a show like this informative but an excellent opportunity to meet, learn from and network with Floral designers from all over the world.

The Academy of Floral Art are also celebrating that they are officially an ‘AIFD Education Partner’, a category of membership which was created to enhance AIFD’s already strong commitment to education by specifically including the private education sector.

The qualification of AIFD is a prestigious qualification highly sought after by designers worldwide and is also recognised in the UK. As part of the Symposium program, the Students will get the opportunity to ‘test’ for their AIFD qualification, (the American equivalent of our British Master Florist). The students will only be awarded the qualification after a rigorous testing process. They will undertake training and an online theory exam in the UK, once in the US, they will be expected to undertake a practical test of 5 floral designs, under exam conditions, and demonstrate professionalism at an advanced level of floristry.

AIFD are excited about the prospects of this new alliance with member schools and hope that it will be beneficial for the educational partners as well as for the whole floral industry.

Here at the Academy of Floral Art we have been super excited at our new venture as an AIFD Education Partner where we can offer support to florists seeking to take the AIFD exam, together with taking part in the Academy’s symposium show.  The Academy in the coming weeks will be  inviting senior Academician students to join us on this new adventure.


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