Advanced Floristry

Who’s it for?
The Academy part-time level 3 qualification is both for those who have covered the essentials in the Beginner’s Academy Level 2 qualification or for florists who’ve tackled the basics, but are keen to take their professional floristry skills and creative techniques to the next level. If you like to learn through structured hands-on practice rather than paperwork, then the Academy Level 3 course is the one for you.

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What will I learn?
This is an exciting level of floristry where you move away from tutor lead designs and can start to explore your own style with the help from the teacher and class. We explore techniques and mechanics in more complex work to give you confidence and skill to create any design. The Academy Level 3 qualification covers broadly similar topics to the City & Guilds Level 3, but in a very different way. Around 25% of teaching time is spent on theory and informal class discussion to give you ideas to help your business succeed, but after that it’s all about getting hands-on and practical. There are absolutely no coursework or classroom assessments to complete at Academy Level 3. We are advocates of the European way, which is to establish a complete mastery of fundamental techniques at the beginner and intermediate stage. We want to give you plenty of time in your lessons to develop your creative style and study different mechanics and design ideas.
How’s it structured?

All Academy courses are designed to be super-flexible to accommodate your lifestyle and what you want to achieve. You can study the Level 3 modules as individual units to top up your CPD, or you can commit to full Academy Level 3 qualification from the outset and you pay for each module as you go.

We run the Academy Level 3 course at our HQ in Dunchideock, near Exeter on Mondays and Tuesdays monthly and each module is 8 days (approx two days a month depending on the term length).

The level 3 part-time course has a total number of 160 guided learning hours (GLH) and takes 12 months. This included 3 modules (Corporate, Funeral and Wedding all 8 days each), heart of design (2 days), mock and exam (2 days) . Total cost is £2610 (3 modules and exam) or with heart of design £2857.50.

Corporate Floristry Designs Module – Level 3, £820.

In this module, we will cover:

  • design exploration limited designs
  • form linear and advanced styles vertical /horizontal design
  • low designs for coffee table
  • eye level designs for reception desks, bars, multiple table design ideas
  • pedestals: waterfall, symmetrical, asymmetric,
  • explore designs you want to make but don’t know how, such as: Floral Arches and hanging designs, candelabras
  • exploring current trends and expand your technical knowledge
  • creating designs for locations
  • selling your design to customer
  • consultations and planning an event
  • looking at your target market
  • insurances
  • risk assessment
  • costing for profit
  • colour blends and contrasts and how to use them in design for visual effect
  • design theory
  • writing contracts
Wedding Bridal Design Module – Level 3, £820.

In this module, we will explore:

  • range of shower bouquets, using different mediums and construction.
  • creating stylized bridal bouquets, looking at different shapes and mechanics.
  • european proportion to help with grouping.
  • limited bridal design.
  • corsages and buttonholes shapes.
  • development of interesting techniques used in modern bridal designs.
  • trending designs.
  • baskette and designed bridal hand-ties.
  • flower jewellery and designs for the hair bouquet
  • cone handle designs.
  • customer consultations – good practice
  • costing for profit and quoting for a wedding
  • planning and buying for a wedding
  • colour blends
  • design proportion and how to use elements in design
  • perfecting design and creating the perfect look
  • how to create your own bespoke designs
  • writing contracts
  • creating packages for the client
Funeral Designs Module – Level 3, £820. Starts January

In this unit, you will explore:

  • design and make a range of designs using a preformed and self formed bases.
  • design a range of environmentally friendly woodland burial designs.
  • 3d designs, using foam and moss.
  • look at a range of contemporary coffin spray’s and European funeral design.
  • exploring a range of techniques and construction methods and look at inspiration from international designers which you can apply to your own work.
  • learn how to interpret the customer’s requirements to create initiative funeral designs that have a very personal touch.
  • how to become a specialised florist
  • how contrast can perfect designs
  • costing for profit
  • using golden section in design
  • consultations with the customer
  • social media
  • what judges will look for in competitions
  • perfecting design and creating the perfect look
Funeral Designs Module – Level 3, £820.
Heart of Design Module, £247.50
We also expect students to take the Academy Heart of Design module on the essential principles of design at either Academy Level 2 or Academy Level 3. You only need to take it once, though!
Who are my Academy Level 3 tutors?
You will be in very good hands with our friendly team of Academy tutors. We are all highly qualified florists and tutors with considerable real, commercial floristry experience – and we are absolutely passionate about what we do. The tutors teaching the Academy of Floral Art Level 3 course this year are: Amanda Randell and Kathryn Delve. If you need help in finding accommodation and transport or have any questions just give us a call on 01392 834893.

All our courses look at a range of floral mediums to make you a very versatile florist. We explore eco-friendly alternative ways of creating designs from foam free pedestals, environmental funeral designs and foam free/alternative medium large scale designs. We work with a large range of water absorbent materials so that you are totally up to date with the new advances in Floristry.

Available Courses

If you need help in finding accommodation and transport or have any questions just give us a call on 01392 834893.

To book on a course:

1. Check the start date of the module or course delivery you prefer (weekends/ weekly/week)- see above start dates.
2. Click the module box above which will give you course dates and course content and booking page.
3. Click Book Now Button and this will provide you with a selection of start dates; make sure it is the venue and delivery you want.
4. Sign into the website when booking, and this will allow you to pay by card at a future date, £150 deposit will secure your place, and full payment is due 14 days before course starts (see terms and conditions).
5. You will receive confirmation of booking and an email from us over the next few days with lots of useful information.
6. Welcome to the Academy and your floral journey.

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