We had an absolutely amazing time at Deer Park with our level 4 and 5 students this month, we’re so proud of all of the fabulous work they have created over the unit and we’d love to share some of their final pieces with you!

These stunning designs by Alice Herrington, Violeta Veikniene, Patricia Bond and Jacqui Hayward have been created using a variety of complex techniques and really reflect the quality of work that can be produced at a master level. Taught by Tina Parkes, this City & Guilds level 4 and 5 course is an exciting way of studying and incorporates a variety of subjects areas, here’s a list of all of the Masters modules that we cover! 

  • Competition
  • Environmental Design
  • Colour Inspiration 
  • Visual Merchandising 
  • Design Inspiration 
  • Wedding and Bridal Unit
  • Large Scale Designs
  • Floral Culture
  • Floral Trends and Inspiration
  • Demonstration and Presentation 


We are running a very special Level 3 Funeral Unit in the New Year which will be taught by Master Florist and Co-Director of the Academy, Tina Parkes! Tina will be sharing her love of funeral designs on this advance unit and will even be demonstrating innovative techniques and styles as seen in her latest book! This will be a rare opportunity to learn with Tina who is a Dutch, American and British Master Florist. If you’d like some more information on this one off Funeral Unit then click here!