We hope you all had an amazing Garden Day this year, it was so lovely to see all of your photos! Last weekend we treated the winners of our boutonniere competition to a free workshop with lunch and flowers provided, they learnt how to make gorgeous floral crowns to celebrate the occasion! It was so lovely see both familiar and new faces and we hope they all had an amazing day.



We’re very excited to announce that this year we have teamed up with Toby Garden Fest to create a giant floral crown which will be displayed in Powderham Castle’s courtyard in honour of the Queen’s official birthday on 12th June.

We will be inviting some volunteers to join us on 9th and 10th June to help create this amazing structure which has been designed by Tina Parkes, if you would like to get involved and are a Level 2 qualified florist or higher then please do get in contact! – Only available to past and existing Academy students.

We shall be randomly selecting the lucky few who will be able to come along and enjoy the day with us so keep an eye out for our announcement! This is a great opportunity to work with other florists and students while learning new skills. 



Clayrton’s Gift Wrapping recently payed us a visit to show off some of their new sustainable products! As an academy we are very keen to promote eco-friendly floristry and educate our students on alternative sustainable practices.

Julie Collins (Co-Director of the Academy) has been busy working on the University of Cambridge’s ‘Business Sustainability Management’ course so that she can bring a wealth of sustainable knowledge to the Academy and it’s students.

Julie has also recently started up a new Instagram account which you can now follow to keep updated on her journey; finding new sustainable methods and working with Smithers – Oasis and other companies to promote new products. 



Our new online arrangement unit is currently undergoing the final editing process and our brilliant friends at ROKETHOUSE productions should have the course ready to be released by July! If you’re interested in completing this Level 2 arrangement unit from the comfort of your own home this summer please get in contact and we can add you to the waiting list! Like the hand tied unit you will have the option to complete this course in your own time or with our tutor’s structured guidance.