We feel that with everything that is going on at the moment we’d love to inspire some joy this Christmas, and what better way than to raise money for charity! We are very fortunate to be based in the beautiful countryside of Devon, so this year we’ve decided to give something back and support a charity who helps to preserve and protect this and many other beautiful areas within the UK.

Back from the Brink is a project that has been set up by a variety of different charities to protect endangered species across England from becoming extinct. With your help we hope to raise enough to make a generous contribution this Christmas. Read more about our chosen charity here: https://naturebftb.co.uk/

On the 24th November Julie and Tina released a video to inspire a cosy Christmas at home! As a florist you are often required to dress Christmas Trees or decorate for events and in this video they will be giving you top tips on how to do this and how to add a professional touch. You can also learn how to lay a beautiful Christmas table and set the scene for a stunning centrepiece arrangement. These online lessons will add extra sparkle and finesse to your home this winter and all of the profits will go straight to the Back to the Brink!