Elements – Space, Colour, Form, Texture and Line

As with all art forms, in Floristry we use the elements and principles of design to help develop our thought processes and over this month we will be looking at all of these, starting with space.

This week’s Floral Sparkle Julie Collins shows you how to make a simple corsage. While all of the above elements can be found in this design it is clear that space was the most dominant, particularly through the use of positive and negative space.   

Negative space- empty

Positive space – full

With this corsage Julie decided she wanted the design to show:-

  • 70%  negative space
  • 30%  positive space

She sketched the design before making it to gain a better understanding of the balance required.

But see how the design changes if she wanted it to be 70% positive and 30% negative.

Watch Julie on You Tube for a simple tutorial and why not have a go at making this design yourself, we would love you to share what you make.

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